Series: Serena and Serenita

Height: Serena 10-14" Serenita:8-10"

Exposure: Prefers full sun with afternoon shade.

Season: Summer
Series: New look, Fresh Look, Dragon Breath, Kimono

Height: 6-24"

Colors: Red, Orange, Cream

Exposure: Full Sun

Season: Summer
Series: Kong jr. Kong, Wizard

Colors: Green, Halo, Lime Vein, Rose, Scarlet, Red, Salmon Pink

Height: 14-20"
Width: 18-24"

Exposure: Sun Strictly

Season: Spring and Early Summer
Series: Early Sunrise, Sunfire

Height: 6-24"
Width: 8-16"

Colors: Yellow, Yellow w/Blotch, Sunfire

Exposure: Full Sun

Season: Summer
Series: Kiss, Big Kiss, New Day

Colors: Orange, Red Shades, White, Pink Shades, Yellow

Height: 10"
Width: 12-14"

Exposure: Full Sun

Season: Early Fall, Spring, Summer
Series: Inca II, Marvel, Big Top, Bandero

Colors: Orange, Yellow, Gold, Red, White

Height: Dwarf 6-8"
French 8"
African 10-12"

Exposure: Full Sun

Season: Spring, Early Summer
Graffiti, Graffiti 2020, Kaleidoscope, Lucky Star, Butterfly

Colors: Red Velvet, Bright Red, White, Violet, Lipstick, Rose, Pink

Height: 12-14"
Width: 10-12"

Exposure: Filtered Sun, Afternoon Shade

Season: Spring/Summer
Series: Denver Daisy, Toto

Colors: Yellow with Dark Eye

Height: Dwarf 10-12"
Tall 12-24"

Exposure: Full Sun

Season: Summer
Series: Cora Classic, Cora XDR, Titan, Jams N Jelly, Pacifica, Tattoo, Cobra

Trailing Varieties: Cora Cascade, Mediterranean

Height: Upright 14-16
Trailing 6-8"

Width: Upright 18-20"
Trailing 32-36"

Season: Summer
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Series: Profusion, Zahara, Shortstuff, Magellan, Dreamland

Colors: Cherry, Ivory, Pink, Yellow, White, Salmon, Scarlet, Orange, Salmon

Height: Profusion/Zahara 8-12"
Short stuff 8-10"
Magellan 12-24"
Dreamland 24-30"

Exposure: Full Sun

Season: Summer
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***Our plants are grown here and are in healthy growing condition. We can NOT be responsible for what happens to plants once they leave the nursery, such as improper handling, planting or watering, or ACTS of Nature: Fire, Flood, Frost, Wind, ETC… THEREFORE THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!***

***ALL RETURNS WITHIN 3 DAYS. NO EXCEPTIONS. YOU MUST HAVE RECEIPT. If you over buy or change your mind BEFORE planting and the plants are in good condition, you may bring them back for STORE CREDIT or EXCHANGE for another plant of equal value.***


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